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Before Aten there was ......... ‘Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises’

Pharaoh’s Gold – The Aten Sequence 1 took a long time to write and edit, so during that time I also started writing articles on the web and short stories.  I was keen to dip my toes into the indie publishing water before I released Aten and his friends out into the big wide world, so I compiled the short stories into an ebook and called it ‘Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises’.

'Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises' Book Cover
'Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises' Book Cover

The book title is a bit of a give away  so it is perhaps not surprising (no pun intended!) that these are spooky tales of ghosts, the supernatural, unexpected events and hard choices that need to be made. After all, how do we know that what we perceive as reality is really the truth?  There are so many layers to our world, so many shadowy corners where anything could be lurking and all is possible.

In 'Best In Show' elderly Harold has been gardening and growing prize winning vegetables for many years.  So he is confused and a little bit angry that his cucumbers aren't growing as big as the neighbours and he is scared that he won't win the trophy at the local fete. So should he try the new 'wonder' fertiliser being sold at the market?

'A Beer at the Consulate' follows the adventures of the two young Egyptologists Rupe and Wilf as they uncover sinister goings on at their dig in the ancient Theban necropolis. They start asking questions, wondering if what the team is searching for should be left undisturbed. Disturbing events lead to chaos in the camp, threatening to allow an ancient evil to escape into the outside world.

'Eloise' is a heart warming Christmas ghost story for children. When two young Victorian children move into the big old stately home, they soon notice that their new home is haunted by another child, one who is long dead. But why does she haunt them and what is she trying to tell them?

'Consolamentum' is a story of the last days of the siege of Montségur, when the beleaguered Cathars were preparing to surrender and had hard choices to make. They could either choose their freedom or to lose their lives in the flames. So will one young girl choose the life that she is yearning to live to the full or follow her beliefs? 

'Mam Says' is a bleak post apocalyptic story set in a Britain that has been swept by a disfiguring new disease that also destroys victim’s humanity. The economy and social order are in total disarray as the authorities struggle to prevent the contagion spreading.  One family struggles on in a run down northern bar, a place where it is wise to listen to what Mam says.

What would you do if you were haunted by a vengeful dead lover?  'The Scent of Roses' is the tragic and romantic story of a young bridegroom who betrayed his marriage on his honeymoon journey through Europe. So now that his young son is ill with scarlet fever, will his spurned lover be able to gain her revenge from beyond the grave?

Have you ever been fixed up with a date by a friend? 'First Date' is a cautionary tale for all of you who, having been disappointed in love, go for the safe option. You know the guy that has always been lurking in the background that you have always ignored while you hung out for somebody more exciting?  But be very careful if you do accept that date because, after all, how do you know what 'Mr Sensible' really has planned for you?

Hazel is the last girl you would ever think that would enjoy a bird watching weekend, having to dress in wellies and unflattering rain wear   So, not surprisingly, she totally miffed when her best friend lies to her and takes her to a twitcher’s convention in remote country pub. It is soon apparent that it is actually the group leader Robin who is the main attraction for her friend, so as the weekend unfolds will Hazel be able to fight her growing attraction to the charismatic bird watcher and also find out what secrets is Robin hiding?

So why not visit Amazon and download a copy of 'Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises' today?  Don't worry if you haven't got a Kindle, because you can download a free Kindle app onto your PC or laptop.  Enjoy these spooky tales and make sure that you lock the doors, check in the wardrobe and keep all the lights burning while you read!

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