Tuesday, 16 July 2013

‘Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises’ Is Now Available In Print!

‘Ghosts and Other Really Big Surprises’ has been available as an ebook on Kindle for almost a year, so I decided the time was right to create it as a print book in CreateSpace.  Somehow, even though I wrote these short stories, it felt that having a printed book of them, something I could hold in my hands and turn the pages, would make them seem more real somehow.

Now there are these amazing Indie authors out there who seem to just know how to do absolutely everything, but unfortunately I am not one of them.  Formatting large documents is not one of my favourite tasks, but I had managed it OK for the digital file, so surely I could create one for the print version? Well six upload attempts and several different error messages later I was beginning to wonder.  I had downloaded the template, pasted all the text in, read notes on ideal margins and stuff, but every time I uploaded it again, bingo there was another error message.  So I made some more adjustments (fiddled around a bit hoping I would get it right by default!), crossed my fingers and uploaded it for what I hoped would be the final time.

Hallelujah! This time there were no errors noted. I clapped, shrieked with happiness and generally carried on like a crazy woman.  I was full of that wonderful feeling of accomplishment on a job well done, an obstacle overcome, reaching the finishing tape after running a long race.  Then I proofed the formatted documented.  You guessed it; I had crowed way too soon.  The one thing that I hadn’t taken into consideration was that by changing the margins, I was also changing where the text was sitting on the page.  So I had to go back to the document, move the text back to where it was supposed to be and then upload it again.  Thankfully, this time I got it right and all was well.

I used the CreateSpace resource to design the cover, which was another adventure and learning experience, and with some trepidation pressed the finish button.  So now you can buy a printed version of these spooky short stories.  Read about Harold’s sinister adventures with vegetables that grow much bigger than they should, the mysterious plague that sweeps through Britain bringing economic and social devastation in its wake, or the tale of an evil ancient Egyptian who may not be resting easily in her coffin.  If you like ghosts, there is the story of a little girl who was saved by a ghost one snowy Christmas and the tragic tale of the mother who was trying to protect her young son from a malevolent presence from beyond the grave.  There is even romance as Gemma goes on a first date that doesn’t quite go to plan and Hazel finds that there is more to bird watching than she previously thought.

Definitely stories to read hiding under the duvet, with a torch held in your trembling hand.  Make sure that you have some hot cocoa and plenty of chocolate for comfort and don’t forget to lock the back door.  Because those weren’t footsteps you heard in the kitchen were they?  Someone making their way slowly up the stairs?

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